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Fashion Website of North Kurdistan

“Afa Group” is a group of companies which has been providing services in many fields in North Kurdistan since 2006. Being the Kurdistan representative of pioneering fashion brands such as Vakko, W Collection, Kığılı, Mavi, Benetton, and Faik Sönmez; “Afa Group” has been steering and influencing fashion trends with its stores in Majidi Mall. zembilfrosh.com got into operation in 2014, aiming to make the best and latest fashion brands and designs available to every person via just a single click. zembilfrosh.com is the first website in Kurdistan that presents and provides high quality Turkish and worldwide fashion brands and designs for online shopping. zembilfrosh.com’s giant operation center makes it possible to deliver hundreds of packages everyday.

Quality and Originality Guaranty

Merchandise that are displayed and sold on zembilfrosh.com are 100% original. Product quality and originality are double-tested; first during the selection process, and then during the packaging process.

Best Customer Experience

For best customer experience, zembilfrosh.com is available for contact 7/24, through Customer Services Team. Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Purchased merchandise can easily be returned in 5 days with free shipping. All costs including shipping costs are refunded in case of return.

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